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International advice

You want to open a branch abroad. What about the local regulations for your industry? What VAT rate you should use? Crowe Peak is part of a large international accountancy network. Thanks to our network present in more than 130 countries, we can provide international advice.

International business

Are you planning to do business internationally? A leap of faith does require good preparation. Accurate and up-to-date knowledge of the local market and regulations is required. Think of things like VAT remittance, the secondment of expatriates to foreign branches, transfer pricing, and so on. Crowe Peak is ideal for entrepreneurs who do business internationally. Equally indispensable for organizations that have worked across the border for years or those with an ambition to trade abroad in the future.

International advice

Situations in which you can rely on the international advice from Crowe Peak:

  • I want to stay on top of the (changing) international tax laws and legislation
  • I want to open a branch abroad
  • I have a (local) family business and want to do business abroad
  • I want my employees to work abroad for a specific period of time
  • I want to switch to IFRS reporting
  • Which international VAT legislation do I have to deal with?
  • I want to do business in Germany

International network

Our firm’s history goes back over 90 years. Since 1999 Crowe Peak is a member of Crowe Global. This network is among the top ten global accounting networks. The members are located in more than 130 countries. When you are doing business abroad you can benefit from our local knowledge in key international markets. Our advice focuses on multi-national organizations in medium and large size business. We can offer advice in the field of expat services, transfer pricing, international audit, IT audit, cross-border VAT and more. Contact us today with us for an informal conversation.

Looking for more?

Crowe Peak delivers expat services, transfer pricing, tax services, VAT advice, IT services, payroll & HR services and business legal advice.

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